Please scroll down to view our land photos on canvas.

All photos taken in Niue Island by Rami Oved (Owner of Magical Niue).

Photos are professionally printed on a high quality 360 GSM canvas stretched across 30mm frame, ready to hang.

Quality is manually checked and confirmed.

Price per size, listed below, includes fully insured delivery to your door.

Delivery is available to Australia, NZ, Niue Island, Europe, USA and most other countries at no extra charge.

Delivery normally takes between 5-10 business days to most countries.

 The main objective here is to raise funds primarily to support our Coral Reef Restoration/Protection project in Niue, as well as Magical Niue, which the coral reef restoration project is totally dependent on.

So, by purchasing any of these photos on canvas, you will be supporting our efforts to protect and restore Niue's reef, which we are totally dedicated to.

This is how it works:

1. Email, or message us on Facebook (details below) your choice of photo and size, including photo number and name, and your delivery address.

2. We will send you quality confirmation for the chosen size, a sample photo of your choice on a wall, and payment options.

3. If you are happy, you make the payment.

4. We arrange the printing and delivery to your door.

Our contact details:

Email: [email protected]


Price per size:

50cm x 40cm - NZ$180

60cm x 40cm - NZ$195

75cm x 50cm - NZ$240

90cm x 60cm - NZ$350

100cm x 75cm - NZ$390

120cm x 80cm - NZ$450

135cm x 90cm - NZ$490

N1. Palaha Cave

N2. Liku cove

N3. Palaha Cave Sunset

N4. Palaha Cave

N5. Palaha Sunset

N6. Palaha Cave

N7. Palaha Cave Pool

N8. Alofi North Reef

N9. Alofi North Cove

1. Avaiki cave

2. Avaiki cave

3. Avaiki pool

4. Talava Arch


5. Hikutavaki reef

6. Avaiki Cave

6. Avaiki reef

7. The Three Talava Arches

8. Avaiki reef

9. Avaiki

10. Avaiki reef

11. Makefu reef

12. Avaiki Reef Pool

13.  Palaha Cave 

14. Utuko Beach

15. Makefu reef

3. Hibiscus




Contact us:

Phone: +683 6737 or 6477

Email : [email protected]