Educational Sea Tours

Niue's coast is no doubt the most beautiful part of the island. Seeing it from the sea point of view will give you a different prospective of this unique island.

Taking one of our Educational Sea Tours you will be able to see beautiful cliff formations, coves and caves small and large, which cannot be seen from land.

Our sea tours focus on the educational aspect as well as on the experience, on and under the water.

Magical Niue offers the most exciting snorkeling trips in Niue.

We take you snorkeling with our boat to a few snorkeling sites no one else will. Some of the sites are very special, and different from each other. Chasm and cave snorkeling, coral reef and deep blue as well. We are certain you will love our snorkeling trip, which includes site seeing, and swim with the dolphins if encountered.

Our tour includes light educational information about the island, it's reefs, corals, reef fish and other creatures you will likely to see when snorkeling, as well as interesting facts about the local dolphins and sharks, or anything else you would like to know about, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of what you will be seeing underwater

Fish and coral ID cards will be available to take with you when snorkeling if you wish.

Tour may includes visiting and learning the true account of Captain Cook's landings.

All Snorkeling gear, including wet suits is included.

Total duration of trip on the water is approximately 3 hrs.

All tours are with our 6.5m boat seen in these pictures. A very stable and comfortable boat, that is great for such special tours. We are convinced that you will enjoy the ride.

Tour may include swimming with dolphins in the crystal clear water of Niue, as seen below.

Niue has one of the best underwater visibility in the world. On good days reaching 70m, making snorkeling a special experience.

A great snorkeling site with a beautiful cave(below), and plenty of large colorful Parrot fish.

A few of Niue's reef fish. Photos taken during snorkeling trips.