The Underwater Scooter Experience 

The most enjoyable way to snorkel !! Go faster, go further, go deeper. See more and experience more, with less effort.

Our 4 x RS1 underwater scooters are the top of the line of the Seadoo series. Although these scooters aren't about speed, the RS1 are the fastest of all the Seadoo underwater scooters. Very easy to operate.

We offer special supervised snorkeling trips with our underwater scooters, from shore, or off our boat.

You will love this experience where you can snorkel with little effort.

Battery run time is up to 1.5 hrs in the water with normal use.

This experience includes some education about the reef, the fish and the marine creatures you will likely to see.

All snorkeling gear, including a wet suit, is provided.

Please see below some of the photos taken during our trips here in Niue.

The RS1 Underwater Scooter.

Has 3 speeds.

You can either go deep underwater, or you can just cruise on the surface.

Comes with GoPro camera mount

Great unit for underwater photography & videography

This unit is safe to use and is environmentally friendly.

It maintains neutral buoyancy, which means it won't sink or float, but will always stay with you at any depth.